The goal is to highlight the culture, heritage, traditions, sports, gastronomy and local products, in short, the lifestyle of each territory, as well as to exercise active citizenship, which in this case involves get involved in improving the quality of life in our area. Visits to local entities and companies, the elaboration of typical recipes, the creation and design of materials, the practice of sports in nature, etc. are planned. All tasks and materials are shared through a common online platform called TwinSpace, within the “eTwinning” portal.

In addition to these monthly activities, the project provides for four international exchanges of students and teachers: one, now in January (Spain); the second, in May this year (France); in November 2021, the third (Slovakia) and the last, in April 2022 (Portugal). In each of these mobilities, 8 students and 2 teachers from each center travel, a different group on each occasion. However, all students in the 2020-2022 class are involved and involved in the project.

The first exchange was to take place this past week; our institute was supposed to host 24 students and 6 teachers from the three partner countries but the current pandemic circumstances have not allowed it to be done in person. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. The trips from this first meeting have been replaced by group video calls that have allowed us to face each other and begin to relate. The outings through the territory have been changed by visits of experts and workshops thanks to which we have been able to learn and get to know better this region where we live, without leaving the center.