Collège Marcel Pagnol

Hello everybody! We are students of “4ème” from Collège Marcel Pagnol in France. Our secondary school is situated in a little town (2600 inhabitants) called Noyen-sur-Sarthe in La Sarthe. It is about 30km far from Le Mans and 200km from Paris. There are about 500 pupils in 20 classes in our school and 40 teachers. The students are from 11 to 15 years old and come from 8 different villages. Some of them live about 10km from the school.

We like our school very much since it has been rebuilt. It’s brand new and very spacious. There is a huge canteen with homemade food and almost all the students and teachers have their lunch there and love it!

In 4ème, we are 13 years old and we study 11 subjects: maths, French, arts, history-geography, science, music, physics-chemistry, technology, English, PE, Spanish or German, latin. It is our second year in Collège Marcel Pagnol. There are also activities that the students can practice at lunch time such as a choir (more than 80 singers), a sport association, a “sustainable development” club, a “press club”, etc…

We work on this project every Thursday with four of our teachers, Mrs Benoist and Mrs Denoual (English teachers), Mrs Letourneau (history-geography teacher) and Mrs Pasquer (German teacher). We love this project and we find the idea of communicating with other European schools very exciting!
We’re looking forward to meeting you all and having you at Collège Marcel Pagnol!
See you soon!

Collège Marcel Pagnol

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