2nd mobility – ZS s MS Dolné Oresany in Dolné Oresany – SLOVAKIA

Between 21st and 25th February, it the 2nd mobility of the Erasmus + project “Living in a Rural Area” took place. Finally, and after a long time that prevented us from travelling because the pandemic, last February we made the second exchange between Portuguese, French, Spanish and Slovakian, partners in this project.

Tired but excited, we arrived in Dolné Orešany, in Slovakia, late on a Sunday afternoon, where the diligent headmistress of the school and the friendly families welcomed us all.

During this week, everyone at school soon made us enter into their culture, customs and traditions. On the group’s first visit to the small town of Modra, we had the opportunity to visit a ceramics factory (which exports to countries) where we experienced the difficult but beautiful art of painting some pieces.

In the surrounding area of Dolné Oresany we can also visit magnificent and imposing castles that remind us that this country belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.This is the case with the Červený Kameň castles, built in the 13th century, and Kaštiel V Budmericiach, which left us amazed by such beauty, both for the history they “tell” for their majestic decoration and bucolic ambience. But it was in the city of Trnava, during a visit to the Západoslovenské Múzeum museum, where we really immersed in the past, in the history and stories of customs, traditions, clothing archaeology, ceramics, furniture and paintings, reminiscences of a people and a country whose independence is recent, but which has a long and rich history as a member of an impressive empire. This city is also known as “little Rome”, for the large number of churches that have been built there. There are 16 in total. Trnava is a city where you can breathe culture, spirituality and a lot of history, one of the biggest cities in Europe and a meeting point for ecclesiastics and great of the political world.

In the capital, Bratislava, we visited Devin Castle, on the banks of the Danube River. On the way to the top, we enjoyed the breath-taking scenery that filled our photo gallery. Also, at the top of the city of Bratislava, we visited the Castle of Bratislava which has a privileged view over the city and it is a mandatory stop. This castle was home to the famous Habsburg dynasty.

This was a memorable week, enriched and with fun activities that appealed to creativity and imagination and allowed students a fun and fruitful interaction. It will certainly remain in our memory and in our hearts as a unique experience that combined knowledge, fun and sharing. We really loved it!

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