4th Mobility – France


First day took place in a village Malicorne-sur-Sarthe which is close to the village where the school is located – Noyen-sur-Sarthe.

In the beginning of the day we were gathered in a canteen where two students welcomed us with a sample of their playing the musical instruments.

Afterwards the headmaster of the school had a speech and all participants got some presents as a memory of this extraordinary project called Living in a rural area.

The welcoming session was followed by a seed planting. Each country has planted typical seeds of their country: different kinds of flowers by Slovaks, lavender by Portuguese, tomatoes by Spanish and sunflower seeds by French.

After having a lunch in a school canteen we went for a guided school tour where different kinds of classrooms were presented to us.

Eventually we have changed the place and moved to the centre of the village where the French students prepared different kinds of games such as guessing the weight of a ball, climbing a ladder, tasting of jam, etc. We came back to school at about 16:00.


Tuesday started at about 8:30, when we all met at school. After 15 minutes two French students presented the activities which were about to follow that day and we got on a bus to a local biscuit factory in Sablé-sur-Sarthe called “La Sablésienne”.

In this factory the production of butter biscuits was introduced: from baking till wrapping process.

After buying many kinds of local biscuits we moved to another place in Juigné-sur-Sarthe where we had a nice picnic by the river Sarthe.

From 13:00 students participated in an adventure activity called “Kohl & Sarthe”. They were put in groups and they had to work as a team. Their tasks were for example to solve riddles, found some symbols in that area, get from one point to another without touching the ground, etc.  At about 16:30 we got on a bus and came back to school.


Wednesday was the shortest day of an Erasmus week, because hosting families decided to spend some more time with their “children”. After meeting at school and presenting of the following activities we departured to Fillé-sur-Sarthe.

It was a place where an old water mill was situated. With a guided tour we were introduced by a history and mechanism of that mill.

Afterwards students were participating in a bread making workshop where they learnt what ingredients are needed for making a bread and, of course, how to make the bread itself.

We came back to school at about 12 pm and a programme with families started. Most of them went to see the biggest town in this area, Le Mans.


Thursday was a day when we travelled more than 2 hours into the final destination. Our goal of the journey was a theme park The Puy du Fou located in the town Les Epesses. This park is considered to be the best theme park in the world and we totally agree with that.

In this park we had an opportunity to get to know with a brief history of France, the Vikings, King Arthur, the Three Musketeers and many other shows.

The students were free to attend any of the shows they liked. At about 18:00 we left the park and in another 2 hours we finally got back to school and the families came to pick up their children.


The final day took place in a nearby village called Villaines-sous-Malicorne. In the beginning the students were divided into groups. Each group was responsible for different activity: some of them had to think up a programme for evening farewell party, others were part of a cooking workshop where they had to cook chicken, peel potatoes, carrots or make a fruit salad. 

After these activities the PE teachers came with a few competition disciplines where the students were put in groups again. The disciplines included activities such as rope jumping, T-shirt challenge, balloon burst and so on. The teams had to be fast and cooperating.

Later the certificates of attendance were given out, followed by a farewell dinner prepared by our students in the cooking workshop.

When the dinner finished, the students enjoyed the time together while dancing on their favourite songs. Afterwards the hosting families came to pick up their children and after a small photo session the farewell party was over. 

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