Základná škola

The primary school with the Dolné Orešany kindergarten is a school with a family atmosphere located in the foothills of the Little Carpathians.The school was opened in 1961.The founder is the village of Dolné Orešany. Since September 2008, pupils have been learning according to the School Educational Program, the content of which reflects the needs of the present.

In recent years, the school has developed into a modern school, as evidenced by the use of elements of alternative teaching models in our teaching – block teaching, early communities, application tasks…

The basic strategies of the school include creating an enriched environment, learning based on personal experience, teaching in the field.

Thanks to the smaller number of students in the exams, we provide not only education at the required level, but also a pleasant family atmosphere, individual approach, non-traditional activities.

The school has standard classrooms for individual classes, several professional classrooms (language classroom, computer science classroom, science classroom), a small gym and has a general multi-functional playground, which is located on the school premises.

Thanks to our location in a healthy environment, we use every opportunity to move students outside – whether during large breaks, TV lessons but also during other lessons (VV, science, homeland studies …) We regularly organize stays focused on training swimming, skiing and also school stays in nature. In this way, we actively lead students to build a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards the environment.

We are a school that goes with the times, a school that prepares its students for the future, but also teaches them to know their past and be appropriately proud of it.

We are a school open to everyone – not just our students and parents – we are here for everyone who is interested in working with us.

Základná škola

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